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 What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here-

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Ascension Admin
Ascension Admin

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What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Empty
PostSubject: What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here-   What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2015 7:59 pm

Post 2 Arrow What is Duel Play Role Play (DPRP) and the steps you should take?

Post 3 Arrow An example of a good DPRP submission (with character profile).

Post 4 Arrow An example of a bad DPRP submission (with character profile).

Post 5 Arrow An explanation on how the winner is determined.

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What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here-   What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2015 8:23 pm

Duel Play Role Play (or DPRP for short) is an original roleplaying concept unique to Ascension. It was created nearly a decade ago when a group of creative writers began to RP with each other and wanted to devise a new way to both develop as writers and have fun. I came up with this concept because I believed it was a good way for a writer to push themselves. The idea was that after all was said and done the pressure that participants faced would result in them producing a more carefully considered and in-depth piece of writing. I was right. Each participant, whether they won or lost came out of their duel with a writing ability previously undiscovered. This is the next incarnation.

DPRP puts two or more RPers against each other in a writing competition.

Steps to take in a DPRP match:

Step 1-The challenge is issued either before or after at least one RPer decides that the typical post by post RP exchange isn't going to accomplish anything. The person being challenged either accepts or forfeits depending on eligibility. If the challenger is eligible for a DPRP match and the person they challenge refuses, then it is considered a forfeit. See DPRP rules for more information.

Step 2- All participants first agree on a deadline for their DPRP submissions to be posted in the proper dueling ground (forum or topic) or PMed to a member of the staff to be posted.

Step 3- Research is key. Research your opponent to make certain that you are portraying them correctly in your story. If you don't, and the improper portrayal leads to their defeat, then this may be counted against you.

Step 4- Post or PM the DPRP stories to the agreed upon member of the staff.

Step 5- Critique. After reading each story this is the time to posts questions or concerns. If you feel that your character was made to do something out of character and it ultimately caused them to lose this is the time to say it. You only have a couple of post to exchange before the next stage starts so make them count.

Step 6- Public Vote. The public vote on the best story and most correct portrayal. Other RPers vote and this influences how the staff vote. There will be even number of staff members that vote and the RPer vote goes to the person who got the most support.

Step 7- The FINAL step. The winner is revealed and their story becomes canon.
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What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here-   What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2015 8:28 pm

Ascension Admin wrote:
Name: Agent Sora Ichiki

Class:5   Level: 3

Victories:43  Losses:3

Team: None

What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Asuka2

Race: Human    Height: 5' 8''    Weight: 55 kgs    

Biography: Sora's body has been enhanced annually using the most advanced in cybernetics creations since childhood. It's a condition of her contract. Sora is a clone created by Dimwah Country's leading military research and development company, B.E.S.T. Corp.. After years of test were performed to assess her candidacy for future projects, Sora was actually given a choice. Serve as personal assassin to those that run the country or live the pampered life for several years before she was put down like an animal and harvested for replacement organs for soldiers. Needless to say, Sora chose the root of assassin. The organization spent top dollar enhancing her body with drugs designed to 'improve' her own genetic make up as well as lightweight cybernetic limbs and implants to improve her physical capabilities.
Her latest mission was simple, or so she thought; keep a rare set of ancient artifacts from falling into enemy hands at any cost. She was to return with the artifacts if the opportunity presented itself.

Emphasis: Cybernetics Enhanced Strength, Cybernetics Enhanced Speed, Martial Arts, Aerobatics, Pain Tolerance

Abilities: Sora's body is enhanced with the most cutting edge cybernetic inventions to date. Her strength, reflexes, and destructive capabilities have all been enhanced drastically as a result. Her arm has high frequency photon manipulating capabilities. It can fire cutting lasers which can cover nearly half a mile before it dissipates. Her right arm can also produce a constant short distance high energy photon mass which serves as a perfect short edge weapon. Her thigh muscle were lined with cybernetics designed to increase muscular strength, stamina, and control. The bottom halves of her legs were removed all together to make room for powerful, compact, state of the art jet engines. Her left eye was also removed and replaced with a cybernetic one which allows her to also read heat signatures and use night vision. The most useful component of her left eye allows her to keep her complete peripheral vision and depth perception. Her right eye launches a spear tipped USB which allows her to hack machinery which uses a similar coding system to B.E.S.T. Corp..

Signature Techniques:
Technique Name- Concentrated Photon Wave
Technique Description/Effect-A short distance penetrating attack which cuts through materials much easier than a sharpened metal edge. This can be thought of as a short range laser saber. It instantly melts through most solids and instantly evaporates water and water based substances.
Technique Mastery Level-Intermediate

Technique Name- Long Distance Penetrating Beam
Technique Description/Effect- The weapon she uses most. This is a long distance version of the Concentrated Photon Wave. The beam can instantly burn through flesh and most other materials. Contrary to belief, not all lasers bounce off of reflective surfaces; this laser doesn't. It heats most reflective surfaces far to fast for the surface to refocus the laser beam's path.
Technique Mastery Level- Mastered

Technique Name- Photon Beam Bombardment
Technique Description/Effect- Her laser rifle penetrating power is slightly altered so that it may fire short burst more frequently. These aren't as powerful when used on substances like solid metals, but they can still instantly deal fourth degree burns unshielded flesh.
Technique Mastery Level- Novice

Technique Name- Mach 1 Flight
Technique Description/Effect- Her mechanical legs can instantly be made to function as high powered rockets. Her maximum speed is clocked at an impressive mach 1. However, slower speeds are generally used when navigating through enclosed spaces to allow for optimum reaction time.
Technique Mastery Level- Mastered

Weapons and Equipment: Hard Anodized Aluminum Baton Set, Two-way Com Device, Flash Grenades

Sacred Items: none gained

Thus far the outside world was no different than the fabricated one created during her training simulations. She always assumed that the monstrous creatures she saw were just pulled from a lab geek's imagination; something to prepare her for the unexpected. Little did she know, that the moment she left the confines of her organization, she would actually meet many of those extraordinary creatures. Demons, humanoid mutant experiments, clairvoyant beings, and the lot.

As she soared through the cloudy plum-colored skies, propelled by the compact turbines that served as her legs, she wondered what other creatures she would meet, and what others she would have to do battle with. Did the existence of such lifeforms mean that the gods truly did exist? Were the fantastic fairytales and myths she told as a child to be believed. No, they couldn't be. "Beings capable of dreaming life and all of creation into existence? Not even..." She convinced herself that they couldn't be real, despite everything she had seen. To Agent Sora Ichiki, that which she couldn't immediately explain were the results of science even more advanced than the scientific creations that comprised her body. Perhaps these demons were genetically altered animals, and these clairvoyant beings she crossed paths with simply had access to sophisticated software which calculated probability.

Regardless, it was one of these clairvoyant lifeforms which lead her to this new land. She spoke of an item fitting the description of the one given to her by her handlers at B.E.S.T. Corporation. This ancient wooden box bound in copper and iron contained an ancient artifact that gave the user the ability to peer into the dreams of others. "There's nothing magical about that." She thought as she began to lower her altitude. To her, this was a piece of ancient technology that her superiors wished to study, and possibly reverse engineer. It didn't matter to her. She had a job to do, and doing it would get her one step closer to her freedom.

She activated her cybernetic eye to scan for an abnormalities in the region. The forest below was dense, and it was getting dark. She would likely have to rely on her cybernetic eye for her entire stay in the luscious landscape. She finally decided to land atop a branch of one of the taller trees. Her legs instantly reverted back to their land based form. The turbines retracted as the tough flesh colored polymer flaps which formed the exterior of her legs extended before closing.

Within minutes of scanning, she picked up on something nearly a quarter mile from her position. It was a human male, and he stood over a box similar to the one the clairvoyant woman described. Something was off about the man. The moment she laid eyes on him, he turned in her direction. He couldn't possibly see her though. The thick botany separating the two would make it impossible for any normal person to spot another from this distance. She wouldn't be able to see him were it not for her cybernetic enhancement. Still, it was as though he was looking right at her. As if he was peering through leaves, bark, and tall grass. It was almost as if this man could sense her.

He turned toward her completely and raised his hand. An ominous green current raced across his arm before stretching from his fingertips. It moved like lightly, but oddly enough it passed through the botany without scorching it. It lit the landscape aglow as it covered the distance separating the two within fractions on a second. When it finally reached Sora however, it passed through left leg.

The man tilted his head. He looked confused by the result. His technique was clearly supposed to do something else entirely. She wasn't going to give him the chance to use it again though. She allowed herself to fall from the tree branch. She tumbled elegantly to the forest floor. Though she lost sight of the man, she still decided to make a mad sprint towards his last known location. At the very least her actions would both prevent him from taking aim at her again, and allow her the chance to claim the box and retreat before a full blown battle could be initiated.

After reaching the box the forest was once again lit up. A terrible pain shot through her left shoulder. The same aura that struck her leg before exploded into a emerald-colored fiery burst. This was likely what was meant to happen the first time when it struck one of her cybernetic legs

It was a novice mistake. She allowed the man to lay a trap for her. His attack stunned her for but a moment. Despite the burning sensation she now experienced she turned to counter. Her left hand split in half of its own accord, revealing sheets of metal, wires, and crystalline structures all arranged to form a point. An intense light gathered within the crystals before she turned to fire the light at him. The focused beam of energy definitely struck its intended target, his loud yelling confirmed it.

Her cybernetic eye revealed the heat signature of her attacker. She found him kneeling only a few dozen feet from her. His leg was now useless. He would no longer be any trouble, but just in case, it was in her best interest to knock him unconscious. Like her legs earlier, her hand reverted into its previous state. She pulled one of her signature batons from her jacket and began walking towards the man. This would be the end of things, or so she thought. The hairs on the back of her neck stood on end. An uneasy feeling crept over her as she approached him. The closer she got, the harder it became to ignore.

Suddenly a loud strange screech echoed from his mouth. This sound was like the combined voices of hundreds. Ominous, effervescent lights poured from his mouth like dense fog. It quickly covered the forest bed. Soon after the bodies of fearsome looking creatures sprung up from it. There were but two at first, but then there were four. The number was likely to increase the longer than man was allowed to remain conscious. The demonic creatures dashed towards her, bodies partially turning to a mist-like state along the way. A quick swing of her baton at the one closest to her revealed that the metal weapon would be ineffective against them. It simply passed through it. Hopefully her laser weapon would yield the desired results though.

With a flick of her wrist, her hand was once again in the form necessary for laser production. Only this time, the beam wasn't launched. It was instead focused into a short bladed weapon. It cut through the demon closest to her with ease. Its form erupted into a mass of glowing embers. Those embers died. Her short range photon edge was the key to defeating these opponents. However, there were now a dozen more of them racing toward her. Despite there attempts to claw her, kick her, stab her, and bite her, she was able to avoid harm. Quick and well planned flips, rolls, and jumps kept her out of harms way while presenting her with the opportunity to take advantage of their openings.

As the seconds passed, this fight grew more and more in her opponent's favor. The number of her foes increased, and it was becoming difficult to maneuver through the ravenous crowd. She jumped as high into the air as her cybernetic legs would allow. This was pretty far up actually. She had no intention of landing either. She once again activated the flying instruments in her legs. Sora needed to think of a way to get to this man, otherwise, her mission failed. If that happened, her superiors were likely to add even more time to her contract.

Her thoughts were interrupted when a few of the demons sprouted wings and took to the air. After placing more distance between herself and the horde, she aimed her photon beam producing arm downward. Rather than producing a long range penetrating beam, she instead focused her power on bombarding the horde with dozens of smaller photon beam burst. Like radiant drops of rain, they poured over the crowd. Within second the demons that took to the air and those that were had not were destroyed. Her foe's anger had become apparent.

A bone shaking roar came from his mouth this time. It was reminiscent of the sounds dragons made in her training simulations. "Please...don't be a dragon." She thought. A set of extremely large fangs appeared before the man. Each fang was much greater in size than Agent Sora's own body. A form far too large to fit in this man's mouth stretched from it. Its enormous body coiled around its summoners body, as if protecting him. But would it protect him from her long range penetrating beam? The creature's terrifying roar caused the air around Sora to violently shake. Her propulsion systems were unaffected. She fired her weapon. It cut through it, but only after upping the power output to near double what she used on the others.

The creatures enormous head went up in smoke. Unfortunately, two more heads grew in its place. Each was just as large, and just as fearsome. They snapped at her with a speed far surpassing what she expected something its size could possess. Still, they weren't quite as fast as she was when flying. They instantly gave chase. They spiraled and twisted through the air as if they were skilled birds. Each time a head got to close, she destroyed it. Each time she destroyed one, at least two additional heads sprouted up to replace it.

She was fighting a losing battle. Though her shoulder showed no sign of injury, the pain in it steadily grew worse. Her power had dipped below the fifty percent mark which was far more than she'd ever used during a training exercise and any battle prior to this one. To top it all off, she was now fighting an opponent who apparently could not be defeated. She needed to attack the man controlling this monster and fast. However, every time she turned to fire at the man, one of the monstrous heads got in the way.

"Agent Sora Ichiki." A voice emanating from her legs said. "You've been flying at maximum speed for five minutes. This doesn't allow for power cells to properly compensate and make up for power loss. Remaining power is now at fifteen percent." It continued.

She couldn't believe it. After all of her training and hard work, she was going to die before being able to complete a single mission. If only there was a way to fly through this creature and attack its creator. It was then that she remembered what happened when she first attacked the demonic forms with her aluminum batons. They simply passed through it.

She circled back, dodging teeth and horn. Once directly over the man she drew her remaining metal baton. She threw it down at the man with all of the strength her cybernetically enhanced arm allowed. Not even a second later, she was swallowed by the beast. The monster had vanished and she was freed from its jaws. Her cybernetic eye revealed why. Her baton was now embedded in the man's skull.

She landed atop the box she had been searching for all this time. It would take a while before her power cells could recharge and allow her to fly back to headquarters. But until then, she needed to see just what it was that was worth all of this trouble. She leaned over and snapped the metal bands which kept the box closed. A soft light was cast on her face as she opened it. Inside she found....
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What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here-   What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2015 8:38 pm

Ascension Admin wrote:

Name: Igor, Jai of the Spirit Taming Clans

Class: 2 Level:4  

Victories:43 Losses: 5

Team: None

What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Phantoms

Race:Human     Height: 5'11''     Weight:65kgs

Biography:Jai of the Xunhanji clan is a master of his clans' artistry. He's captured and enslaved more animal and demon spirits than most others his age. As proud as he is of his clan's heritage and the skills they've acquired over several millennium, he feels as though he's plateaued. He seeks what most whom search for the dead Emperor's items seek; Godhood.

Emphasis: Mysticism, Mystic Martial Arts

Abilities: The mystical art of spirit taming is just what it suggest. Practitioners kill an animal or a demon and enslave its spirit for further use later on. They can of course sense whether or not a spirit's owner is worth slaying before acting. The enslaved spirits are summoned later on and made manifest in the shape of the body it once resided in. The spirit maintains all of the strengths it once had as a living being, however they are void of any elemental powers save the elements the spirit tamer already has at their disposal. The same goes for things such as poisons or control over things other than its own body, which a demon or animal may have had during its life. Aside from not feeling any harm, there is only one other benefit for a demon who's had their spirit enslaved. If the spiritual body is damaged, the controller may decide to have the spirit devour another in order to 'heal' it.
The number of spirits which can be manifested at any one time depends entirely on the skill of the practitioner. Igor possesses the same skills of other practitioners whom summon entire spiritual armies.He's slain and enslaved the spirits of some of the most dangerous and feared creatures on the known worlds. A single beast spirit summoned by him is more than a match when compared to a demonic spirit summoned by another.

Signature Techniques:

Technique Name: Spirit Mapping
Technique Effect: As the name suggest, this ability, which is always active, allows for Jai to sense a spirit or soul in his immediate area. He can use this to gauge the strength of an opponent, how much vitality they have, and even how close they are to death.
Technique Mastery Level: Mastered

Technique Name: Spirit Bolt
Technique Effect: Igor launches a small dense wave of his own spirit which damages the spirits of others. The waves are launched from his hands and move like lightning. They have a similar effect on the spirit as well. A person won't suffer physical trauma, but if their spirit or soul is damaged, their body may experience difficulty moving or performing task.
Technique Mastery Level: Intermediate

Technique Name: Spirit of the Hydra
Technique Effect: This summons the spiritual form of a large hydra beast. Like the living hydra, a head removed or destroyed causes two more to sprout up in its place.
Technique Mastery Level:Mastered

Technique Name: Demonic Warrior
Technique Effect: The ability to summon one or more demonic spirits to do his bidding. Though they don't become more dangerous when damaged like the hydra, as the saying goes, there is strength in numbers. These come in various shapes and sizes, most human-like(excluding wings, tails, and claws).  
Technique Mastery Level: Novice

Weapons and Equipment: Igor is so confident in his abilities as a sorcerer that he doesn't carry battle accessories.

Sacred Items:none thus far

Jai had spent the majority of his time in the swamp mastering the art of spirit taming. He counted himself lucky that he discovered that something he wanted appeared there. He'd nearly located the chest he was sensing when suddenly he heard a sound coming from the sky. He looked up and saw a woman flying. She fired a laser beam at him. He jumped out of the way easily and countered by summoning flying demon spirits to do his bidding.

The spirits flapped their wings and quickly caught the woman. They threw her to the ground. Jai then summoned his most powerful spirit, the hydra. It instantly gobbled her up. Her circuits began to sizzle. He knew that she was going to blow up so he ran away. She exploded leaving nothing where she once laid.

In the distance Jai could see what he was looking for all along, the secret box. He opened it and inside he found...

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PostSubject: Re: What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here-   What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Icon_minitimeFri Jan 23, 2015 8:53 pm

The person RPing as Agent Sora was clearly the better writer in terms of both imagery and effort. Igor Jai's writer rushed this story. He or she didn't put in the effort of including all of his opponent's techniques and made her look completely incompetent. He either didn't care for the DPRP that much, in which case he should have just forfeit from the start, OR he skipped Step 3 by NOT researching his opponent. If he did, he'd have seen that she clearly would have been more difficult to take down being she was trained to combat special threats like the one he posses. Notice, he or she also neglected her flying specialty by allowing his flying demons to easily catch up to someone who can fly at mach 1 which is over 340 miles pr hour.

Agent Sora's writer not only researched his or her opponent, they went into great detail over their skill and even though Agent Sora outclassed Igor, he or she allowed Igor to put up a good fight. Agent Sora would likely be declared winner because all members of the staff would vote for the first story. Even if all of Igor Jai's friends voted for Igor's story, that would only count as one vote weighed against the majority of the staff. In this case it would be obvious to the staff that Igor's friends attempted to manipulate the poll.
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What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Empty
PostSubject: Re: What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here-   What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here- Icon_minitime

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What is Duel Play Role Play? Explaination and Examples -Here-
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