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A forum RP which takes place in a massive alien world. Here there are many objectives, but the main one is to push your own creative writing abilities to their limit.
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 Chronicles of Gaea [LB]

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PostSubject: Chronicles of Gaea [LB]   Thu Jan 07, 2016 2:31 am

|| Rules || Application || Wiki || Board ||
Chronicles of Gaea is a unique roleplay community, established December, 2015. We are a play-by-forum game set in a variety of eras in Gaea's history. While there is limited crossover between eras, characters who prove themselves can become Heroes of Legend and be remembered throughout history. The lore and setting is largely player-generated.

Our eras are as follows:

  • Ancient sword-and-sandal, as with ancient Greece or Rome.
  • Medieval fantasy roleplay, as with D&D and the like.
  • Steampunk Victorian roleplay, as with Steampunk and late 1800s IRL.
  • Modern roleplay, as with current day.
  • Galactic sci-fi roleplay, as with Star Trek or Star Wars.

Magic exists in all eras, and Dragons are the NPC immortals, though Dragonborn are one of the playable races. As we have recently launched, the wiki is light, but it is a framework for players to build on.
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Chronicles of Gaea [LB]
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