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A forum RP which takes place in a massive alien world. Here there are many objectives, but the main one is to push your own creative writing abilities to their limit.
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History of the Worlds Guild-ad_zpsbfb66ed7

It is said that the gods have always existed, however being time, as it's perceived by those with tangible forms, was sired into existence by these deities, no one can be certain. The first beings created by them were the Dhahabu Jichu. Their making was accidental. Forged within the hearts of stars created to provide light and count those within their ranks, the beauty of the Dhahaba Jichu captivated and bewildered them. It was those formed from the stars that inspired the gods to create living worlds. Old Pangia was the first world made by the gods, but it is definitely not the only one. There are indescribable worlds of corporeal darkness and sentient worlds free to travel to their heart's content, unbound by the gravity of a sun. There is even a world of pure atmosphere where only winged lifeforms reside.

The sheer amount of living worlds outnumbers those that created them several times over. However, it is said that Old Pangia is the source through which deities siphon life into their new creations. Sprites were created to maintain Old Pangia, and soon after, the Immortals were created to live on the land. Animals appeared soon after and with them, something many gods viewed as the most sinister of the lower lifeforms; man.

An annoyance at first, certain factions of man soon overwhelmed the world and transgressed against the god-forged. More Sprites were created to hinder man's hunt. They soon discovered that more aggressive measures needed to be taken if they were going to survive man's attempt to dominate all. Dragon-kind was created to hunt man in a manner shown to be effect in the wild, where man seemed to come from. They were the most skilled predators, as such, not even the gods could keep track of them. The first Demons were created soon after, serving to enact the wrath of the gods against man. Wave after wave of demonic creations were made and with each, the threat that man presented grew closer and closer to being quelled. However, it was always an uphill battle for man. Man rose to the occasion with each and every new threat. The Hitojin people somehow adopted the skills of the gods' deadliest predators while Kwaghasen people pushed themselves naturally. The Rogrecians developed power which allowed them to unite all of mankind. The tide truly turned in man's favor when advanced humans gained sufficient numbers.

Old Pangia was seemingly lost to the gods soon after. This was the case until the Nightmare Demons were unleashed. After thousands of years of forced evolution, this creature in particular proved more than proficient at driving man back. All the while a being known to man and demon alike as the conqueror began the final stages of its rise to power. The resulting war ravaged Old Pangia. Looking back on history both god and man began to rethink the events that led them to this point. New Pangia and its moons were formed through collective efforts of both the gods and the conqueror which represented the majority of man. Each side had their own reason for cooperating with the other, neither trusting the side they worked with.

After the new world was created, the conqueror put into place the current laws of physics. This prevented the gods from directly interfering with the worlds. The Conqueror became the Emperor. Within a few decades, the Emperor constructed and maintained a delicate balance between all life forms on New Pangia. The god-forged with undeniable freewill thrived alongside man and the world was at relative peace. The act of essentially banning the gods didn't go over well with the majority of the celestial beings. Out of spite, certain factions set a plan into motion that would eventually lead to the Emperor's death.  

The Emperor was not a natural god, and despite all of the power amassed, death would eventually prevail. Research of the phenomenon through lenses of science, mysticism, and spirituality showed promise and eventually a potential solution was devised. A new being was born from experimentation; the Opposer, a sentient ethereal flame created from the core of hell. Its ability to target and burn away concepts held the key to the Emperor's eternal salvation.

The force known as Opposer rampaged, nearly destroying everything. The Emperor and Opposer fought under the glow of Hell which was deliberately placed above them by the god's forces. In the end, the Emperor stood victorious, sealing the force away for what should have been forever. Before dying from wounds endured, the Emperor placed fractions of power in items held by leaders within the Imperial Army. Knowing that Opposer would one day return, the items were to be reunited and given to a single general. The general responsible for engineering Opposer would then have the power to destroy it and succeed where the Emperor failed. By the time it was discovered that the Emperors death was set in motion by the gods, it was too late. Though unable to completely undo changes to reality made by the Emperor, the gods managed to do regain just enough influence to remove the Imperial Army from time, placing all in a state of suspended animation.

Tens of thousands of years later, after the Emperor became myth, Opposer managed to burn away the seal keeping it locked away. Though the general was removed from time and intangible to all within the normal flow, Opposer still managed to quickly find the general charged with resealing it. Killing her, despite the circumstances, proved that Opposers power was beyond any known force in the world.
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History of the Worlds
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