Ascension, Rise to Godhood

A forum RP which takes place in a massive alien world. Here there are many objectives, but the main one is to push your own creative writing abilities to their limit.
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Name: Jeno Lee

Class: Hitojin

Popularity:  Victories:  Defeats:  


Jeno is a handsome looking Hitojin. His appearance is youthful but his expressions are the same as those with years more life experience. He has long black hair, bronzed skin, and impressive musculature. He wears the trappings of a warrior along with a spear which has been passed through the generations for ten generations.  

Race: Hitojin    Age: 19   Height: 5' 10''   Weight: 160 lbs

Biography: The youngest of a set of twins, Jeno left Dragon Country to seek out adventures and escape his fate. Being born second in his clan meant a life of serving his older brother seen to all as both weaker and more submissive. The only other option would be to assume the mantle of leadership by challenging his brother in a battle to the death. This was hardly an option for him considering the loving relationship the siblings shared. A battle was still expected by all because of the fact that Jeno's dragon abilities far outweigh his brothers. He is the first in several generations with the ability to take on the form of the great beast. Before escaping, he stole a family heirloom that was destined to be inherited by his older brother. The heirloom was designed to strengthen the abilities of one who can take on the form of the dragon upon transforming. Armed with the spear that allows the user to extend its head as far as the eye can see in the blink of an eye, he began to take up work as a mercenary. He gained fame quickly after discarding the last name Chao-Da.     

Emphasis: Race Specialties, Martial Arts, Strength, Speed, Toughness



Signature Techniques:

Technique Name:

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Weapons and Equipment:

Sacred Items:
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