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 Sefu the Forsaken Blacksmith

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PostSubject: Sefu the Forsaken Blacksmith   Wed Jan 28, 2015 4:59 am

Name: Sefu the Forsaken Blacksmith


Popularity:  Victories:  Defeats:  

Team: None

Race:  Kwaghasen Age: 28    Height: 5'9''     Weight: 150 lbs

Biography: A Kwaghasenese man. His birth symbolized the joining of two very distinct yet related casts; a blacksmith cast and a warrior cast. He excelled at both metalworking and fencing from an early age. Nearly fifteen years has passed since he experienced the events that sent his life spiralling from the path he'd dreamed of in his youth. The story of how he failed to complete his rites of passage are known to many Kwaghasenese blacksmith clans and warrior tribes. On the day of his thirteenth birthday Sefu took agreed to take part in a tradition that led to his bringing shame to his family. He could have chosen to carry on the traditions of either side of his family by choosing to become either a warrior or bladesmith. The one time rambunctious youth chose to carry the mantels of both sides.

His rite of passage given to him by his father's clan was to craft the first blade for a youth new to the warrior's path. Should the blade fail the warrior, all blades ever crafted would fail when needed most. The rite of passage given to him by his mother's clan was to slay a great and powerful beast. Fail at slaying a great beast by dying, and honor would remain intact. On the other hand if he was to fail to slay the great beast and live, he would live all days in dishonor.

He proudly sought to complete both tests simultaneously by crafting his father's most famed blade and using it to hunt a dragon said to be the most cunning and fearsome of all. He traveled to a distant land and eventually found his beast. After laying eyes on the dragon, he found himself disappointed in the state it was in; sick and dying. The dragon would clearly not pose a threat or provide worthy challenge. The dragon pointed the young man in the direction of another dragon whose ferocity far surpassed anything he could imagine. He sought out to defeat it instead. He found his new prey and stood fearful in his place. The ensuing battle with this Mountain Dragon was one to be proud of. While he eventually slayed the dragon, his victory was short lived.

The dragon who sent him on his quest stole the blade he crafted after the young man passed out from exhaustion. Rather than kill him, the dragon decided it was more fitting to let the fool live out the rest of his life in shame. He failed at slaying the true beast and failed at properly using the blade he forged so masterfully. He now travels the world aimlessly searching for the Genius Dragon responsible. The price of his failure has proved costly as all blades forged by Sefu the Forsaken Blacksmith break when most needed. He's actually come to count on their failure.

Emphasis: Fencing, Metalsmithing, Precision, Martial Arts, Reflexes

Abilities: The skills and techniques of hundreds of warrior generations have coalesced in this man but he doesn't have access to them due to his failure. Though he has the potential to literally become a master with every bladed weapon in ever wielded by his kin, due to his race and lineage, he is master of but three (the dagger, the sword, and the spear). He has proficient use of the hammer also, though this is used most often for metalworking.

Blades made by his clan appear to vibrate even when held in complete stillness. The trademark of his clan's well made edged weapons is a low registering humming sound that occurs when the unsheathed weapon is moved. These effects are the result of molecules of air splitting after colliding with the blade's edge.

He can make the finest blades using the most minimal resources. The key to his blade's sharpness rests in not only the visual precision honed through generations-unmatched by an computer or machine-but his laser helm as well. This is his blacksmith mask. One must know which type of laser to use on the type of blade at the correct time of a blade's forging. The laser has different settings which are used at different points during the forging process. The wider the diameter the more widely spread the heat (for the heating and eventual melting of metal) the shorter the diameter the better the penetrating power (for sharpening the edge).

His reflexes are impressive, even by Kwaghasen standards. This is a trait likely developed from having to quickly adapt after his blades fail.

His mask is also capable of analysing mineral content of objects, reading temperature, and predicting temperature changes. As helpful as it is, given his apprenticing under his father, these mask functions are only ever referenced as a safety measure and are not needed while he's in the process.

Signature Techniques:

Technique Name: Rhino's Last Charge

Technique Effect: A spear based technique so named for the outcome resulting from its absolute success. The technique has the ability to instantly split the horn of an adult armored rhino before sending a sharp, bone splitting wave internally through the skull and down the spine. This is used on great beast and machines.

Technique Name: Two Birds, One Stone

Technique Effect: A throwing blade technique any mastery would be envious of. A short edge weapon like a dagger is thrown with a carefully considered trajectory with enough continued precision to ricochet off of one target before striking another. If successful, this can seriously injure one living target, and end another.

Technique Name: Giant Spider Killer

Technique Effect: A sword based technique. As the name suggests, this sword technique was originally devised by an ancestor as means to instantly eliminate giant spiders like the Arachne for example. The technique deals eight sublimely fast strikes which are combinations of stabs and slashes. Those in the beginning are much easier to defend against than those dealt towards the middle and end. However, those in the beginning leave little more than superficial wounds if they land successfully. Intensity increases as the attack proceeds as later attacks are powerful enough to penetrate multiple obstacles. A target who is skilled enough to keep up can choose to ignore the attacks in the beginning to properly defend against the more dangerous attacks which will follow.    

Technique Name: Smelting Ray

Technique Effect: The laser mask setting used to melt and extract metal from its ore by heating and melting it. This is a wide five inch diameter beam which rapidly heats anything in it's path. After a few seconds of exposure the melting of objects occurs.

Technique Name: Sharpening Ray

Technique Effect:  As the name suggests, this is the laser mask setting that is used to sharpen a blade. A concentrated beam of heat designed to pierce and cut. This laser's is virtually flat with a width is no wider than the head of a fingernail and contains more energy than most reflective surfaces can refract or redirect.

Weapons and Equipment:

Sacred Items:[/quote]
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Sefu the Forsaken Blacksmith
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