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A forum RP which takes place in a massive alien world. Here there are many objectives, but the main one is to push your own creative writing abilities to their limit.
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PostSubject: Rules for Magic   Rules for Magic Icon_minitimeSat Oct 25, 2014 9:59 pm

All Magic comes at a price. Unless one has achieved godhood, energy can neither be created nor destroyed. There is but one exception to this rule, and that is for those using Sacred Items.

Magic exists and its tier is based on the type of effect. The cost difference between making it rain and causing a tsunami are vastly different. The sacrifice for the prior is far less detrimental than the sacrifice needed for the latter. A sacrifice for simple rain may come from a renewable resource whereas a tsunami may cost something else. Here at "Ascension, Rise to Godhood" the price for magic often depends on a character's race or affinity because the spirit of a being is what is used to call forth a magical effect.

Using the example above, a standard human may use renewable spirit force to cause rain. However, depending on the amount or strength of that force, they may sacrifice their spirit and their soul to cause a tsunami. The amount of spiritual force is what determines a spell's tier. A living soul produces spiritual force which binds it to flesh and blood, but if the spiritual force is completely drained, the soul is sacrificed because their is nothing to bind it to the body any longer. Those who specialize in a specific type of magic are more likely to know of more cost effective ways to achieve the same spell effects for those with a general approach to magic usage.

Comparatively, an Original Immortal which has no soul, but is instead a being with unlimited life force may create both of these effects by continuously sacrificing a vastly superior version of its renewable spiritual force.

On top of scale, the tier of a spell is also determined by the amount of elements or facets that go into creating an effect. For example, a rain cloud is of lower tier than a thunderous rain cloud because of the presence of electricity that went into creating an effect. Moving an object through space, is far less costly than bending space around an object or piercing the fabric of space altogether so that one may teleport.

Novice Tier
-Spells of this tier are those which involve a single stable element or object; usually a solid. The cost is negligible to a skilled master in the arts.

Intermediate Tier
-Spells of this tier may involve several stable elements or objects. Larger effects on said object are easily achievable with spells of this tier. Basic alchemic effects through use of magic usually rely on spells that are at least this tier. The cost is negligible to a skilled master in the arts, but costly to those just beginning or with an average amount of spiritual strength.

Expert Tier
-Spells of this tier allow for the masterful manipulation of unstable forms and elemental energies. Fire, lightning, and even water require spells of this level for their most potent uses. Usage of a spell of this tier would likely leave a beginner practitioner, and even a prodigy exhausted.

Advanced Tier
-Spells of this tier may involve multiple elements and may have a larger scale or reign over a wider range. Even a master in the arts will pay dearly with repeated usage. Such a spell is unlikely to be achieved by one who doesn't have at least the skill level gained within the span of an average human lifetime. A magic practitioner seeking to successfully wield a storm would likely rely on a spell of this tier. 

Master Tier
-Spells of this tier may leave an area completely changed. Spells of this level may combine elements to form strange effects. Forces which do not fall under the typical elemental spectrum are manipulated by spells of this level. A master practitioner isn't likely to perform spells of this tier in quick succession because even they would pay a severe price. Light, darkness, life energies, blood, etc. are most successfully manipulated by spells of this tier.  

Omega Tier
-Spells of this level alter the fabric of space itself. Object and space, time and those within its flow are all the same while under spells of this magnitude. A master practitioner would die attempting this with little to no chance of success. Even an Original Immortal would fall into a deep slumber for an unknown number of years after sacrificing their immortality in the process. Teleportation falls into this tier, be it one object, or many.
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Rules for Magic
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