Ascension, Rise to Godhood

A forum RP which takes place in a massive alien world. Here there are many objectives, but the main one is to push your own creative writing abilities to their limit.
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PostSubject: Temple Island   Temple Island Icon_minitimeTue Jan 27, 2015 4:25 pm

Temple Island
Temple Island 26a0bd6c-bda1-4860-9fde-2cbf3c40bdc7_zps645b4d47

Temple Island 3b922540-4d93-44b3-87ce-52f6374d55f7_zps97c86ba1 This place is riddled with the remains of the forgotten. Formed from Old Pangian temples favored by gods. They have all been merged into a place which science would say is much too small to accommodate. This land is in a constant state of flux. Visions of past events play out for all to see allowing for viewers to literally peer through time. Many locations visitors seek can not be found while while those who become lost soon find wonders they didn't even know they were looking for. The largest population of Nightmare Demons reside here, hidden by their creators to protect them from the Emperor should they ever be needed.
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Temple Island
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