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A forum RP which takes place in a massive alien world. Here there are many objectives, but the main one is to push your own creative writing abilities to their limit.
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PostSubject: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)   Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) Icon_minitimeSun Jan 25, 2015 5:45 pm


Question:How many characters can I have?
Answer: One character profile per account not counting NPCs. You can have as many NPCs as you want really, just be reasonable. Keep NPCs out of battles over sacred items though.

Question:How is my class determined?
Answer: You are the one that determines your class. The maximum class you start with is based on the race you choose. Each mistake found on your application or anything that contradicts game mechanics lowers your potential class. Generally grammer won't play a part unless it's really bad. Class isn't the most important thing though because if you are good at writing and making a 'believable' story, your class will rise and fall as you progress here.

Question:What are "Sacred Items"?
Answer:They are items created by the Emperor and/or gods that are made for an individuals use in breaking the laws posed by reality. The details of what the items do as well as their names are only known to those that were tasked with protecting them. Please familiarize yourself with all sacred items on the list.

Question:Are there any advantages to choosing from one of the preexisting races listed?
Answer: Yes. But if you want to get technical, races which already exist on the list have special abilities and skills which are usually natural to them and don't need to be mentioned in the emphasis section. By choosing from the existing races which are listed the precedent has already been set so there is no need to add things the race is already known for. This means that you can either build on new specialties or really emphasis what they already possess to let others know that your character may just be a prodigy among their own when it comes to a specific skill. For example, choosing a pre-made winged race that is good at aerial combat offers the creator a chance to focus on other things, like making the character a specialist in magic as well. Or they can list aerial combat which tells others that the character's skills with aerial combat skills are to be feared even among others of the same race.

Question:Can I create my own race?
Answer: If you don't want to choose from one of the playable races we already have on our list, feel free to make your own. It will more than likely be allowed, so long as you don't try something stupid like making something older than the gods or a type of demon more powerful than any other in existence. The most powerful races are already listed in the Anthropology thread. You may have your own listed there if you wish. In exchange you can have Race Specialty listed in your Emphasis section instead of all of the individual Emphasis that go into what makes that race strong. Your race can only be added if it's not extinct and you aren't the last one. If this is the case, you must build your emphasis section from the ground up. If your race is one that interferes with the mechanics of reality in this RP then it will not be allowed. For example, making a race that can easily bend time/space at will or making a race that can take on the characteristics of any being ever created by the gods.

Question:Do I need to include an image in my character profile/application?
Answer: No you don't. It is however recommended. Your way of describing your character's appearance may be nice, but by providing an image, you allow for someone else to devise new ways of describing your character that you may not have thought of. This could potentially contribute to your growth as a writer. If you have an image in my but are not able to find a picture, ask Ascension Admin (me) as I have a HUGE collection of diverse images for you to choose from.

Question:What is DPRP?
Answer:DPRP is a style of role play I created on my first RP site more than a decade ago years ago(in either 2004 or 2005 ?). It's an acronym for Duel Play Role Play. It's simple, and if you've acquired a sacred shard, then you've technically already done it. DPRP is when you take a character and write a short story about them. In this story they will either battle an NPC created by the staff or myself, or another PC made by another creative writer on the site. If you fight an NPC and it's good you move on and if not then your piece is rejected. If you fight another player, then it's your story versus the story that they write. After both stories are submitted you determine whether or not your opponent portrayed your character correctly. If not, and their incorrect portrayal led to your character's defeat, simply say so. Your opponent will do the same when it comes to your story. Afterwards things are put up to a vote. The winning story becomes canon(it becomes part of actual storyline of events) whereas the losing story is void, and treated as if it was never written at all. If the improper portrayal of a character and/or their abilities weighs too heavily on the outcome of a story, then there will be no vote and the story will be tossed out entirely. Voting is done by both crew and other creative writers. Votes by other creative writers are referred to as the popular vote. Popular votes determine the winner in the event of a tie among crew votes.  

Question:Can I kill my opponent in DPRP?
Answer:It depends. If all parties involved agree to a fight to the death, then it will be a fight to the death. If not, then you may not kill them.

Question: Why are some characters allowed to be "overpowered"?
Answer: We try to stay away from the term "overpowered/op" here because of the nature of this RP. Even if a character is capable of turning into a giant that can vaporize things just by looking at them, they can still be beaten. Use your creativity. There are very few truly "OP" characters in this RP and they are made NPC or Non-Playable: the gods, the Emperor, Immortals, etc.. The RPers/Creative Writers you REALLY want to worry about are those with simple characters that don't feel the need to compensate with seemingly god-like character abilities. Don't fear the giant that can vaporize something just by looking at it. That giant can be blinded, easily too given the size of those big eyes. Instead, fear the lesser human without special powers, but a love of mechanics. This guy or girl can likely turn the entire environment into a weapon to use against you.

Question: How many signature techniques can I have? Can I add more after my character is approved?
Answer: One per class level for starters. You gain some you lose some as you progress. This doesn't count those you gain from possessing sacred items.

Question:What is the difference between Spiritualism/Spirituality and Mysticism/Magic?
Answer: Magic sacrifices spiritual force to create tangible effects whereas spiritualism and practitioners of spirituality have worked exclusively with developing a stronger presence and effect while on the spiritual plane. The two are only mastered simultaneously by one race whom are true masters of necromancy.

Question: Do I have to kill an opponent to take a Sacred Item from them?
Answer: Yes. Even if it's not permanently, death is the only way to sever the connection between a sacred item and the owner.

Question: Why do the gods hate humans?
Answer: Not all gods dislike humans, the majority however, can not help but feel disrespected and transgressed against. The thought of such lesser life forms appearing on the worlds they created without their permission is something few gods can tolerate. Furthermore, humans trespassed against the living creations of the gods and exploited them to gain power and use of mysticism. Were it not for the ladder, the gods would most likely feel indifferent about human existence; they'd most likely be viewed more like annoying roaches than disease spreading rats.  

Question: If killed does my character stay dead?
Answer: Not necessarily. You may save your character from permanent death in different ways depending on the race you've chosen and the manner in which you died. View Shangri-La and Hell subforums.

Question: How does magic work?
Answer: Magic is an effect. The effect is triggered by a person using a spell. Pulling that trigger comes with a price or sacrifice. More often than not, access to magic requires portion of the spirit. There are alternative ways to gain access to magic, for example, using spiritual force to open a catalyst which provides a stronger force for spells than ones own spirit may create. You can be creative. Remember, there is always a price though.

Question:In terms of the RP's usage, what's the difference between the soul and the spirit?
Answer:The soul is something completely unique to humans within the RP. The gods can not create them and often find it impossible to destroy one completely. The spirit is a force produced by the soul which allows for life. The spirit is a renewable force being the soul will produce more if the force is somehow used. The soul is eternal and carries a humans essence and very being even after the brain which is housed by the body turns to dust. When it comes to the creations of the gods, all that they have are their physical bodies and their spirits which are essentially the will of their creator god(s) realized. As a result the gods designed those spirits which they create to carry the very makeup of a creature. Demons essentially represent a deity's will made flesh.

Question: Where do the gods come from?
Answer:Like humans gods came into existence without the intent of a maker. Unlike humans, they know exactly where they came from.  

Question:How old are the gods?
Answer:Time didn't exist in its current state(s) until gods willed it. Simply put, they predate the concept.
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
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