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A forum RP which takes place in a massive alien world. Here there are many objectives, but the main one is to push your own creative writing abilities to their limit.
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 How to RP and how NOT to RP

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PostSubject: How to RP and how NOT to RP   Fri Jan 23, 2015 9:32 pm

Everyone here should know how to Role Play (RP), but if you don't here's an explanation for you. Roleplaying is where you create a fictional character and interact with other writers' own custom made characters.

There are different ways to RP on this forum.

Open Role Playing
In this type, every person in the thread is a equal actor and you may never God-Mode anyone unless they give their permission. The Original Poster (OP) or the person who started the thread usually starts with an end in mind and will try to steer the thread in that direction but try to give everyone their own camera-time.

Structured Role Playing
This type is still open for people to jump into and contribute, but is more rigid than an Open RP thread. The OP has a story to tell and invites people who they believe will best contribute to the story. If the thread deviates too far from the plot line then the OP generally either PMs the RPers responsible or makes an out of Character (OOC) post in double parenthesis>> "((OOC: Insert message here)). Though the request made by the original poster should still always respect the other RPer's character rights an RPer must remember that they were invited to fulfill a specific role.

Closed Role Playing
These threads are sort of like a sign up, as a separate thread is created for people to ask questions and register their character. Most Structured Role Playing threads will have this requirement.

Role Play generally looks something like this:

RPer1 wrote:
Jai jumped into the air and began to fly towards Sora. He launched a powerful magic bolt at her head.

Rper 2 responds...
RPer2 wrote:
Sora stretched backwards into a backbend and flipped out of the way to avoid the magic bolt which Jai launched.

The exchange goes back and forth until the thread's conclusion.

Below is a BAD example of how to RP.

RPer1 wrote:
Jai jumped into the air and began flying towards Sora. He could tell she was scared because tears started to form in her eyes. He fired a powerful bolt of magic at her which struck her in the gut and sent her flying backwards.

This is a horrible post because it's God modding. RPer1 made RPer2's character do something that RPer2 never actually stated happening. This is called godmodding and is NOT allowed. He also stated that she was hit. It's up to RPer2 to decide whether she is hit or not. This is called auto-hitting which is a specific type of godmodding and is NOT allowed. You should never attempt to control another person's character. Below is RPer2's response to this horrible post.

RPer2 wrote:
Sora jumped to her feet and punched Jai in the face. The punch was so powerful that it caused his face to collapse. Sharp pieces of his skull were embedded into his brain.
RPer2 made the mistake of godmodding even worse. This godmod killed the character of RPer1. A person should NEVER NEVER NEVER respond to godmodding and auto-hitting with MORE godmodding and autohitting. If the person you're RPing with does something wrong ask them to fix it either ((ooc:)) or in a PM. If they refuse, PM a member of the staff.
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How to RP and how NOT to RP
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